How To Retrieve Deleted Messages from iphone gets the job done!

How to Retrieve Deleted Messages from iPhone

All iPhone users are required to back-up all the text messages and files occasionally through iCloud or iTunes, which will help them to recover the messages when they are accidentally deleted from their mobile. These backup storages comprise exceptional archives for iPhone data which include iCould messages and Text messages or SMS. There are many people who are searching for the effective ways to restore accidentally deleted SMS and messages on their iPhone. Fortunately, there are many ways to recover all the deleted messages from your iPhone using iPhone backups. Users can either use re-authorizing iMessage accounts, restoring the phone to previous backup using iCloud or iTunes and by using the third party applications to recover the deleted messages. Here are few simple tips on How To Retrieve Deleted Messages From iPhone.       

Re-Authorizing Your IMessage Account

In iPhone users send text to other Apple users, the messages are actually sent through iMessage system rather than the cellular service provider. All the sent messages are securely stored as encrypted files. So, it is necessary to link the device to iMessage account to keep a backup of all the sent and received messages. Users can re-authorize their iMessage account manually by going to setting options and select Messages and switch on the iMessage feature.

Restore from iCloud and iTunes Backup

iPhone users are required to enable iCloud Backup on their device as it will help them to restore their device to previous backup when any message is deleted accidentally. Users can also backup all the data to the computer using iTunes backup feature. This will help them to restore all the data and text files including messages from iTunes Backup during emergencies.   

Retrieve Through Third-Party Utilities

All the files in iTunes backup are created in SQLite database and they are secured by UID derived Key. So, users are required to make use of third party software like SMS extractor or SQLite Application to open and read the backup files of iTunes. There are a variety of software applications available that can extract the messages from the archive of iTunes Backup.  

These were some of the tips on how to retrieve deleted messages from iPhone. There are various other tutorials available online that you may use to discover some of the other methods to restore all the deleted files from iPhone or other Apple devices. So, don’t get panic if any message is deleted from your iPhone.  

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